Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving + Pickles Puzzle Mystery Solved

Well - it has been almost a month since I last posted an entry. July has been a crazy month! I finalized everything so I will graduate with my Masters degree in August, and I am moving out of state in a few days. My husband got a good job closer to home on short notice, so I had to quit my job and wrap things up asap. I am also going on a major trip to the Galapagos mid-August, so it will probably be September by the time I get back to posting regularly again.

Anyway! For now - back in April I posted about a Sweet Pickles puzzle I found:
Someone bought it from my Etsy shop, and I asked the person if they intended to open it. The buyer was undecided, but pointed out an Ebay listing that had recently closed that a picture with the set puzzles. I talked to the seller on Ebay who agreed to let me post her photograph from the listing (please check her out on ebay - her shop name is Goodsona)
If all the packages had the same puzzles then there were three images:
1. Goof off Goose and Loving Lion
2. Outraged Octopus and a fountain
3. Accusing Alligator and Healthy Hippo

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