Friday, September 9, 2011

Major 80s Toys

I'm back! My husband and I moved into our new house and he is a week into his new job. The Galapagos was certainly an adventure and I saw some amazing vistas and animals!

Anyway, right now I am without a job taking care of things at the house, thrifting/vintage hunting and working on listing things in my Etsy shop - all the vintage items I've been stock-piling. I was a little worried that when I moved I wouldn't be able to find any cool vintage items in the much smaller town that we live in now. I didn't have to be worried!! I have had a lot of great luck since moving here.

I found some things last Thursday, a few more last Friday, and then an awesome load yesterday. I'll try to do some catch up in the next few days. For now I will just post pictures of the items I found from yesterday's garage sale - the most awesome garage sale I have ever beheld.

It was one of two garage sales in town this week and I knew I had hit the jackpot when I got out of the car and spotted a My Little Pony Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe on a table. That would have been enough to make me happy! However, when I got closer I realized that there were three or four tables COVERED in 1980s girls toys. AAAAAHHHHHH!  I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I told the woman at the sale that I collect 80s toys and asked if I could just start making a pile by her table. She was pretty pleased with that. Haha!
She gave me a box to bring everything home in. So here is the box with all the stuff in it...

And all the stuff out of the box:

AWESOME. HOLY COW. I picked and chose the best stuff, leaving behind mostly Barbies that were a bit over priced, trolls, and some bigger plushes. In talking with the woman, she was telling me that the items were her daughters who had decided to part with many of her things. It looks like she decided to keep her My Little Ponies because I didn't see any of those - but I did come home with the Sweet Shoppe, a Megan doll and a bushwoolie.

I can't even decide what my favorite find is... I think it actually might be the Precious Places ice skating rink. I remember really wanting one when I was little. I'm not saying that was the BEST find, just my favorite of the bunch. I probably should have left the little Friend Bear Care Bear... it is pretty dirty, but besides that no buyers remorse.

Best garage sale ever. I DREAM of going to sales like these. Literally. I have these dreams all the time and I love it... except the part when I wake up and realize I don't actually have any of the things that I picked up in my dream. So this was way better. What can I say, there is something so exciting about finding things on my 'to-find' list, stuff you can't just buy at the local Target. Awesome.

As always, I make my Etsy store shpeal so I may continue to fund my treasure hunting  - a number of these items will trickle into my Etsy shop and will be available for purchase. So if there is anything you're really interested in, please check out my Etsy store in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Manateestoybox on Etsy

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to a flea market! I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a good one, but I'm feeling like after today it might be a let-down. heh... But we'll see. I'm still pretty excited to go.

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