Monday, June 27, 2011

Girly Pink + Mr. Hooper

This weekend I went out to one estate sale and two thrift shops. There were definitely some interesting estate sales going on this last weekend! One looked like it was the estate of a taxidermist. This sale had mountains of antlers, mounted animals of all sorts (deer, antelope, birds, and a hippo). It wasn't just a few, there were hundreds. Seriously crazy and sort of bizarre. I didn't go - I just saw pictures online. I was a little concerned that some of the items weren't legal to own or to sell. I didn't want to be a part of that mess if it became one.

Anyway! At the estate sale I went to I spent all of $1. I purchased a Fisher Price Little People figure of Mr. Hooper (from the Sesame Street play-set) and what I think is a Barbie cat... I haven't had a chance to look it up yet, but it has a big "B" on the flank and I'm sure it doesn't stand for "Bratz" because she has cute (non-sultry) eyes. The lady that was the cashier said she thought it was kind of freaky. I said it was way less freaky than the antique dolls that were undressed and falling apart!

At the thrift stores I found the gooseberry pink Pyrex dish and the Lady Lovely Locks book. I thought the Pyrex dish was priced a little high, but oh that color! If it was harvest gold or avocado green I would have left it at that price. Overall it turned out to be a pretty girly pink day (+ Mr. Hooper...)!
I have listed the Lady Lovely Locks book in my Etsy shop: Lady Lovely Locks Book: Silkypup Saves the Day! As always, if you'd like to check out other items that I have found on my thrifting adventures (with more pictures) or are interested in purchasing something you've seen here please stop in to my Etsy shop: Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy

Also! If you're interested in finding out what other people found this weekend check out: Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday!


  1. I think that is the first piece of pink pyrex (say that three times fast)that I've ever seen. Oh, it's so pretty!

  2. I love the pink pyrex and I love your toy finds. I am always looking for toys myself

  3. Tammy - it was certainly the first pink piece of Pyrex I had seen in real life (I had only seen pictures before)! I snatched it up fast! :)

    LeAnn - good luck hunting for toys! :D Great to hear from a fellow toy thrifter!

  4. Does the pink pyrex sell well? There was one similiar at the t.s I go to but I did not want to be stuck with another piece of pyrex I can not sell.

  5. I like the pink Pyrex!

    It would surprise you what is legal to sell. It's legal to sell shrunken human heads, human skulls, brains..

  6. Beckyp - I don't know! It is the first piece of pink Pyrex I have picked up, and I've never tried to actually sell any Pyrex. Wish I could help!

    Sir Thrift-a-lot - skulls and stuff eh? That's pretty crazy! I just know that it is illegal to sell endangered & protected species in whole or part. I saw some small birds, and what looked like rhino horns (though the listing claimed they were fake, so who knows). It just seemed iffy to me.

  7. Good decision - taxidermy hippos sound pretty sketch to me! I have the old Sesame Street set from my childhood and I love Mr Hooper!