Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mushrooms are not Plants

Well, since I started my first "real" job (i.e. - not a student or intern job) I have had much less time and energy to go out thrifting. This is probably good because I have too much stuff in my apartment already... I should be focusing more time on putting the items I want to part with in my Etsy shop. That is going to be my goal for a while. I will probably still go out about once a week, but I only want to bring home a few items instead of a whole bunch. The items above were from my outing last week.

I was pleased to find an original My Little Pony from the 80s (even if it is Baby Cuddles who is quite common and not worth much...). I just don't come across ponies very often, so it makes it all the more exciting, no matter which one it is! The How and Why Wonder Books I purchased because hey, retro science is awesome! :D  The "Plants that Never Bloom" book was quite beautiful... though the author obviously doesn't know what organisms are categorized as "plants". Many of the illustrations were of mushrooms - which are in an entirely different kingdom from plants. None-the-less, the illustrations are very beautiful!
I have put up the Chemistry How and Why Wonder Book in my Etsy shop:
How and Why Wonder Book of Chemistry 1970
And as always, if you have a moment, please drop by my shop to browse around and check out some of the other cool things I've found on my thrifting adventures: Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy


  1. aww man! i wish i could go out thrifting as often as you do! i love that mushroom book btw... i sometimes go mushroom foraging!

  2. You know, you've really put things into a positive perspective for me! :) I am glad that I can go out at least once a week, even if I don't have the freedom to go whenever I wanted like I used to. Anyway, that's awesome that you go mushroom foraging! I have a friend who also goes mushroom hunting who shares his delicious morel finds. :)