Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet Pickles Puzzles

Last weekend I picked up a 1978 Sweet Pickles pack of puzzles licensed by Avon. Vintage items that are still in their original packaging are certainly exciting, but boy do I want to open this up and see what puzzles are inside! I have looked all over and have not had any luck finding out what is printed on each puzzle.
While I was poking around the internet, I did find that there is an official Sweet Pickles Website! < Click!
I remember having some of the books as a child: specifically Goose Goofs Off and Fixed by Camel. I couldn't remember exactly how the stories went, but the Sweet Pickles website has a link to a YouTube video of Captain Kangaroo reading Goose Goofs Off. AWESOME! Once he started reading the story it all came back to me.
This is my first time putting a video in the blog, so I'm not sure if it will work or not. If it doesn't work, here is the YouTube link: Goose Goofs Off read by Captain Kangaroo

Anyway, the Sweet Pickles web site has a lot of great information: fun facts, cover images of all the books, history, and images of a lot of the licensed products (but not the puzzles!). It looks like Avon also made a Yak Soap and Sponge set (I'm wondering how well a "Yak" soap sold...) and a Zebra hairbrush which I thought was really cute!

I put the puzzle up in my Etsy shop: Click here to go to the Sweet Pickles Puzzle listing! I will definitely be asking the buyer to send me pictures of the puzzles if he/she decides to open it. I need this mystery solved!


  1. I had those two books as a kid as well. I love Sweet Pickles. You ever find out what the puzzles looked like?

  2. Yes! I did a while back and have been meaning to post about it, but July has been crazy.

    Check out my July 29th post for a picture: