Monday, April 4, 2011

Garage sales as far as the eye can see!

Wow! I think since last Saturday was rainy, many people who planned on having garage/yard sales last week moved them to this week. I passed up going to so many! I made a list of sales to go to based on craigslist listings, but stopped at many on the way between these. Though I usually just drive by houses that have one table with stuff on it.

Anyway, I picked up more books and other items than toys (as usual... I'm trying really hard to focus on toys for my etsy shop, but there are so many cool old books! At the first garage sale I went to I picked up an old Alice in Wonderland book. I love that it has the old illustrations - even with colored plates inside! Pretty sweet for $1.00.

I found some Strawberry Shortcake dolls (in desperate need of cleaning) in a bin full of beanie babies and newer McDonald's toys. Go figure! What made me dig through this bin I have no idea.

The Puppy Surprise I bought at my regular thrift store - Friday it had no price tag, so I had to hand it over to an employee and wait and see if it would be priced and be put back on the shelves the next day. I was excited to see it on Saturday, but it still had no price tag! GAH! I talked to the same employee and she offered to just ring me up (for way more than the other stuffed animals were price besides the gigantic ones... but I was desperate! She had two puppies that came with her!)
Ahem... anyway! My last stop was an estate sale - the only one in Memphis that really looked like it was worth going to. Pictures online showed lots of books and some old toys. Most of the toys were out of my price range, but I thought the books were reasonable. I came home with a cool spirograph set from 1969, and a bunch of books from the 1960s. It looked like this woman stopped buying books after the 70s - not sure why? Maybe she ran out of space. I also bought a box of sewing patterns - not pictured (the majority were from the 70s). I got a good deal since I bought the whole box (73 patterns)!

Now I have a TON of wonderful items to list in my Etsy shop! :D (Manateestoybox Etsy Shop!) Though I will be keeping the 1986 Walt Disney World cookbook - my Mom has one and I have always wanted one of my own!

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  1. So jealous of the spirograph! That's awesome.

  2. Love the spirograph!

  3. Thanks! It has a bunch of the pieces, pins, pens, and instructions still inside. I'd say it is probably 75%-80% complete. :) I feel like I should try it out before I put it up for sale! I had one as a kid - but a later version from the 1990s I think.

  4. love the spirograph! have 2 of them and plan on picking them up whenever i see them. which isn't very often.

    ::found you through thrift share monday