Monday, March 28, 2011

Chilly Friday Garage Sales

Unlike Saturday, which was stormy and rainy (with 0 sales), Friday was just strangely cold, so the early garage sales of the weekend were up and going. I stopped at three garage sales and three thrift shops.

Garage Sale #1: this was technically an estate sale, but it still felt like a garage sale. I picked up a Fisher Bunny puffalump (great with Easter right around the corner!) a horse book (which started a trend for the day apparently) and some unopened vintage sewing notions (ack! I don't like the phrase "sewing notions"): zippers rick rack and what not.

Garage Sale #2: The result of someone's 80 year old mother getting remarried apparently. :) I picked up two vintage coloring books, an unused Beatrix Potter Cross Stitch kit (awww!) and a hard-cover guide to Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Garage Sale #3: BUST! Some nice vintage items, but prices were very high.

The other items are all from thrift stores. One was having a great sale (1/2 off on all books) and had two new bins of books sitting on the floor that I dug through and pulled out tons of old horse books + a 1949 Davy Crockett book with dust jacket that is pretty awesome. I intend to read these before putting them up for sale! Though... I may get pretty sick of horse books quickly.

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