Monday, April 11, 2011

Garage Sales: Plush, Books, and a White Elephant

This weekend started out with a Friday garage sale that was amazingly huge! One of the women holding the sale was very talkative and followed me around as I perused the items. She said that they go to a lot of auctions, so I was a little concerned about the price of the items. There were a lot of things I could have picked up, but for the prices I wasn't willing to take risks on items I don't know much about.

I did find a 1970s Betty Crocker cookbook for $1.00 which I know is worth something, but also... I need one to replace mine that has recently decided to fall apart! They also had a back room in the garage that I was a little hesitant to go in because it sounded like that where they kept all the valuable items. I went in out of curiosity and found two baskets full of old plush toys! I pulled out ones I wanted left and right and hesitantly asked how much they cost. I got a great deal and was happy to bring home some Strawberry Shortcake plush animals, a Woodstock from the 70s, a Popple, Shirt Tales, and others. Woo hoo!
On Saturday I went to five or six garage sales that I marked down from Craigslist and two estate sales. One estate sale I was just in and out - I spotted a Care Bear mug in some online photos of the sale and knew what to look for. I grabbed it, bartered a little with a very kind woman and got it for the price I wanted it for. The other estate sale was at a HUGE house. The bedroom had a sitting room, there was a guest house, pool, grand stairway etc. The bathroom though had mirrors covering the ceiling which I thought was really odd. I mean, if you want the room to look bigger, wouldn't you put the mirrors on the walls?  Weird.

I didn't find much in my price range until I got to the guest house. There were some bins with a few kids items, and I managed to dig up a well-loved Fisher Price pull toy, an unopened Brooke Shields set of doll clothes (I didn't know she had dolls -strange), and some books & kids records.

Anyway, I think the highlight of my hunting this weekend was a 1929 book with stories from India. It was mixed in with a bunch of old church books that were falling apart. It has some amazing color plate illustrations and I will definitely be featuring it in my next blog post!
Overall I'd say this weekend was a success! I haven't been able to update my Etsy store this weekend because of a stack of papers I've been grading, but lots of items from my adventures have made their way to the store including the Beatrix Potter cross-stitch bib kit and decoupaged Daisy box hand bag: Manateestoybox on Etsy! Please stop by if you have a moment!

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  1. It sounds as if you had an amazing weekend. Almost half the fun is seeing how other people live. I am teased all the time about picking up stuffed animals and plush. I still have faith that someday I will choose one to make me rich. I also gravitate towards children's books but there are no longer young ones in the family. I need to check out your Etsy store.