Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrifting Fast Broken

I wasn't able to stick to my no-thrifting goal. I still think I did pretty good though! I didn't buy anything for 17 days, and when I finally did buy something I only brought home two items that I absolutely know will sell. My mother-in-law came to visit this weekend. We had a great time - went out to eat at a couple of places, watched some shows & a movie (The Jetsons movie from 1990 - AWESOME lol), and went downtown to look in some shops. The three stores we went in were new to me and it was fun to explore! 

One store had an interesting combo of games, comics and aquarium supplies. Another was a gift type store with books, candles, cards, knick knacks and office / art supplies. The last store we went in was a thrift / junk shop. I never went in because from the sidewalk it looks like it just has furniture, records, and tools. Apparently the 'good' stuff is in the basement. Gah! So much lost opportunity. I could have been picking up stuff there for months! Oh well. It is probably for the best since I have too much anyway. 

Anyway, I ended up buying two Cub Surprise bears by Hasbro (same line as Puppy Surprise) - the blue one even had a baby cub still inside her pouch! They were a great buy (my goodness they are so cuddly and soft!),

Even if I didn't stick to my goal I don't feel too guilty about it. It wasn't a huge splurge and I'm sure they will sell. I've also sold a bunch of items in my Etsy shop! Since I last posted to the blog on Wednesday I have sold 15 items! Wow! I'm glad there was a turnaround since Valentines day. I was starting to feel a bit worried. 

My mother-in-law gave my husband and me this awesome cow cookie jar (which was filled with cute mitten and dog shaped cookies!). I just had to share since it is so fun!

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  1. Those dog cookies are so cute! Of course, when you are not allowed to buy crap, crap always presents itself - at least you are selling items. 15 out, 2 in. I would say you are still on the right track

    1. Thanks for the support Cheapchick! :) It definitely feels like things are going in the right direction.

  2. hi! i have a cookie jar like this that my mom gave me. it was my favorite thing she had given me...and i just broke it. i came to google and see if i could find another and found your blog. would you be interested in selling this? or...could you ask your mother-in-law where she got it? thanks a can email me at

    Thank you!!!!