Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Listing Challenge Week 2

Today marks the end of week 2 of the listing challenge. My goal is to draft Etsy listings for 75% of my unlisted merchandise and sell 25% of my inventory before buying anything else. So far I have stuck to my no-shopping goal - yeah! Listing has been going steadily, but slower than I would have liked and sales on Etsy are even slower. Turtle slow. Oh well, eBay sales this week were good.

Here is my update:
Week 1: 14 items sold
Week 2: 2 items sold :(
Total sold: 16

Week 1: 42 new items drafted / listed

Week 2: 38 new items drafted / listed

Total new items listed / drafted since Feb 1: 80. I've made a good sized dent in the items that need to be listed, but there is a long ways to go! I have 117 items cleaned and photographed already and just have to crop & adjust photos then put the listings together. Back to work!

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