Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 3 February Listing Challenge

I certainly fell off the boat this week! I only listed / drafted 8 new items for my Etsy shop. The last two weeks I averaged about 40. My mother in law came to visit late Friday, Sat & early Sunday and then my husband and I went out of town on Monday and Tuesday. I need to catch up! Too bad Etsy is having some serious glitch problems with the listing process today. :( I keep getting error messages about my photos ("Don't list the same photo twice" - even though I am not). Oh well, I guess I will work on other things today.

Anyway, here is my weekly update:

Items listed/drafted:
Week 1: 42
Week 2: 38
Week 3: 8

Sales thankfully picked up after Valentine's day! It was a great week for my shop in terms of sales. :)

Week 1: 14 items sold
Week 2: 2 items sold
Week 3: 17 items sold!
Total sold on Etsy: 33!
What was great to see was that 11 out of 17 of these items were sold were items that I had just listed this month! You can't sell what isn't listed!

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