Monday, February 6, 2012

Doh! a Deer... a Female Deer

I am a few days into working towards my goal of listing 75% of my unlisted inventory and selling 25% of my total inventory before I can go out and go shopping again. I have made progress, but my problem was quite large, and my goal is quite ambitious so I haven't made substantial progress. I'd say my biggest accomplishment is probably just that I haven't been out shopping yet. I did step into a thrift store - but only to drop off a bag of things to donate!

So far:
Listed/Drafted: 20 items
Sold: 12 items

Part of what inspired this goal was a couple of major shopping trips I made at the end of January and finding a lack of space to store the items. Here are some things that I picked up:
These were all items from a few different thrift stores. I think my best find was the PJ Sparkles doll - if she works. I still haven't tested her yet. Personally I think the finds that I like best were the She-Ra finds (the puzzle & action figure) that I picked up at two different stores. I'm kind of on an action figure kick right now.  I do love the graphics on the Lite-Brite box from the 60s and the Kokeshi doll is quite adorable too (though I know literally nothing about them and it could be a cheap item that is made by the hundreds for all I know).

Earlier that week I also went to an antique store that was having a half-off sale on their basement item stock. I was sucked in. Blah. Even at half off I feel like I paid too much for two of the items. I picked up four things and have already listed three of them in my Etsy shop. The duck planter though... I don't know what to do with. I paid too much for it - and bought it because it looks like an item that my grandma treasured. So I have some sentimental attachment for it. doh.
It is quite pretty though. I love that the feathers look plush and plump like they do on a real duck. The pink, white and dark teal coloring is lovely. I also picked up this blue deer planter. I liked the unusual colors.
It is available for sale here: Shawnee Blue Deer Planter
Another item I purchased was this funny and bright tin. It is just so cheery! I didn't end up buying any toys from the antique store. There just wasn't anything worth buying. So much for buying inventory for "Manatee's TOY box". I guess it isn't so bad to branch out, but I would like to keep my store focused so it isn't so much mish mash.
The tin is up for sale in my Etsy store: A Baby is Love Tin at ManateesToyBox

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