Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleaning Inventory, Pummelo & Microwave Parts

This is kind of a random post - but I guess what I do in a day is often a bit random. Yesterday I spent a little time and cleaned up a set of Duplo Lego blocks I had picked up a while back.
Blub blub? Reminds me of the Myth Busters episode I watched recently where Adam had to escape from a car that was dropped in a pool... (swim through the window little guy! Don't you see there's no glass??)
Well, in the end they weren't as traumatized as one may think. All clean and drying!
A few days ago I also picked up a microwave turntable plate (actually two...) since I had read on fellow thrifter's blog that they sell pretty well on eBay and at a healthy profit:  Tina's My Secret Ebay Diary  So I washed those plates too and tried to take some good photos of them. I tried a number of different set ups and they looked awful, especially against the white background that I use for most everything. I ended up just putting it on the dining room table with some fruit I had recently picked up at the grocery store. I think it shows up pretty well against the wood.
See that big yellow fruit? I had never heard of it - it is a pummelo, but also known as the Chinese grapefruit. It seemed a lot bigger than a regular old grapefruit and was certainly interesting to eat! It seemed like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. I had to look up online how to take it apart. This YouTube video was pretty helpful: 
I thought it was pretty tasty, but really was best in small amounts. I peeled and ate half of one... it had sort of a bitter taste in larger amounts. A few small pieces was great though! Packed with flavor - sweet and citrusy with a cross of grapefruit/orange taste. The skin had a fluffy membrane under it that reminded me of cotton candy - it was soft fluffy and pink! The fruit itself was very pretty too:


  1. I always seemed to enjoy Legos more than Duplo blocks. But honestly, I love those Duplo people. They look rather jolly.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. I'm with you there! I had a lot more fun with Legos too (I had some great castle sets!), but I remember good memories with Duplo early on. :)