Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Birthday! Barky Showcase!

Today marks this blog's first birthday! I can hardly believe it has already been a year (and that I have actually stuck with it for so long). I have found a lot of great treasures this year (and a few mistakes) and a lot of things have happened in life (graduated with my Master's degree, went to the Galapagos islands, and moved to South Dakota). It looks like this next year is also going to be eventful and busy... though not right away.

For this birthday post, I am showcasing a wonderful find that I can't part with! Meet Barky! ('woof')

I wasn't expecting to get so attached to the little guy, but he has a lot of character and makes me laugh. Barky is a Boston Terrier pup. Made by Fisher Price, this toy sold from 1958-1960. (Information from This Old Toy: "Barky at This Old Toy") I purchased him in a lot from eBay.
Barky is a wood pull toy with decals on the sides and across the top. He has two painted wooden eyes (which are slightly offset on this guy). It gives him kind of a crazy/curious look that is very cute. His ears and leash are plastic. I don't think the leash is original, but he did need something to pull him by, so I left it on him. Barky also used to have a plastic tongue sticking out, but is broken off on this one (I mean... it is in his mouth!)
He rolls along on four red wood wheels and has a noise-maker mechanism underneath. When pulled along on his leash, Barky says "woof woof woof woof!" (in a ratchety little voice). His eyes also roll up and down! I had a good laugh the first time I tried him out.
Barky is stamped with the Fisher Price seal on his back. He is quite small and measures about five inches long from nose to tail. 

He also is wearing a smart looking red collar with his name printed in yellow. His tiny wood bead tail is adorable to say the least. This little guy isn't in the best condition, but he has still won my heart with his proud little barks and crazy lovable eyes.

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