Monday, January 23, 2012

By the Power of Greyskull!

This week's thrifting was minimal - I went to the local goodwill once and picked up a microwave turntable and a contemporary (&cute!) Little People set. I came home, sadly, with nothing vintage. But, take heart, my storage closet is full of vintage inventory that I have not even listed in my Etsy shop yet. (In other words I probably shouldn't be out buying a lot of stuff anyway!)

I realized, however, that I never wrote about my great before-the-holidays find! It was near the end of my thrifting trip in the big city ;) when I was getting a bit tired of sifting through things. I came to the front of the store with a few things (a vintage plush Lotsa-heart Elephant, and a Gremlins book) ready to check out when I noticed something at the botique (aka expensive) counter. Usually I don't even bother to look there, but this time there were three familiar playsets and bags of action figures. Masters of the Universe (remember He-Man and Skeletor?)!! I was so excited, and asked the woman working if the price tag applied to each bag (crossing my fingers that it was the whole price, and not the price per bag...). The price listed was for the whole lot!! It was totally worth it, so I said "I'll take them!" She got me a big box and still I had to make a couple trips to the car. :)
I had a lot of fun researching everything and finding which accessories went with which action figure. I think my favorites from the lot are the Battlecats and Panthor (I remember these from when I was a kid) - and the Fright Zone playset is pretty awesome too! It comes with a monster hand puppet which I think is hilarious.
I have been working diligently to get these figures and sets listed in my Etsy shop! What fun! :D
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  1. ha! that he-man is awesome! my husband found a he-man lunchbox this past weekend.

  2. Score! Complete score with all of these toys. All of these are so collectible- you're going to do well selling these!