Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Red Wing Antique Shop - at Pottery Place

Back in mid-October I went to Minnesota to visit family and went to a bunch of thrift stores and antique shops when family was at work or busy. One place I went to was at the Pottery Place building in Red Wing, Minnesota. It is such a cool old building! There are a number of shops in this building - some antique shops, a Godfather's pizza (love), a candy shop, and a few shops that sell new things. It is a historic building that has been remodeled & repurposed. I believe Red Wing Pottery used to be made there.

Here are a couple of views from the outside:

And from the inside:
The antique store I went to had a pretty good section devoted to toys, and a booth of all 80s things (mostly Care Bears). The Care Bears were a little over-priced for me, but hey, I've trained myself to be super thrifty and wait around until I can find something for a couple of dollars or less.

This antique store was PACKED. Not necessarily with people, but things for sale. It was very well organized though. Some stores are so willy nilly with everything all over the place, but this store was clearly organized with books in one area, toys in another, knick knacks somewhere else, and dishes all together as well. I think for collectors this would be an ideal situation. There is not as much hunting involved, so maybe that would take away a little of the sport (haha!), but for someone with something specific in mind, it was a nice shop to go to.

Some of their displays were just pretty too:
I left without buying anything. I treated it as a research & for-fun trip, checking out what kinds of things might be worth picking up and just enjoying being surrounded by old things.

Here is a link with more information about where to find the Pottery Place and what stores they have:
Red Wing Pottery Place Website

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