Friday, November 18, 2011

Pirate Bar & Veterans Day Thrifting

I went to Minnesota to visit my family last weekend for my sister's birthday. Road trip! We had a great time at ate out at this awesome little restaurant in downtown Stillwater called Smalley's Carribean Barbeque & Pirate Bar (my sister just calls it the Pirate Bar). :) I thought the theme was fun and the food was interesting & tasty. My whole family enjoyed everything we ordered and took home a lot of leftovers because the portion sizes were huge.
Here is their website for pictures (I was dumb and didn't bring a camera):
and here is their dinner menu (yum!!)

I also took the opportunity to go thrifting (of course). I haven't been having much luck at my one lonely Goodwill in town, so it was nice to go to some different stores. I just stopped at a few along my route to my parent's house. I was pretty lucky to stop at a Saver's that was having a special Veteran's day sale (half off of EVERYTHING). Awesome! I picked up a few things that I felt were overpriced at full price - but just right at half off!

I was especially happy to find the Pizza Party game! I saw one for sale on Etsy but was way too expensive for my taste (i.e. anything more than $5.00 is too expensive for me lol). What a great game from the 80s!

One of my stops along the way was a cute little shop in a small town. I don't know if I'll go there again though. The woman running the shop was just... I don't know. She made me feel like selling things to me was a burden and that I should go away. I looked around the shop for a little while, walked by the register and smiled and said hello. She looked at me for a moment with no smile and said a flat 'hi'. When I checked out with three items she told me the price of each item (which was nice), but there was no smile, no thank you and no receipt. I asked if I could please have a receipt and she said that they didn't give receipts (I thought this was a bit strange - and I like to have a receipt for my records). It wasn't exactly a bad experience, but I don't think it takes much effort to say thank you at least.

Anyway, I guess it was still worth going in. I picked up the two Serendipity books and Sesame Street sheet from that shop... and I do LOVE Serendipity books. :) I keep a few of the ones that I especially like, but usually I just read through them and then put them in my Etsy shop (because if I kept everything I buy my husband would probably leave me lol).

Mumkin is a nice little book about a pony who tries to block off one area of the pasture for himself so he can keep the tastiest clover and grass to himself. He finds that trying to protect this little area for himself is stressful and lonely and in the end decides that sharing is better. What a nice little story!
This book is available for sale in my Etsy shop here: Mumkin at ManateesToyBox
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