Monday, November 21, 2011

Packages & More Packages

The month of November has been good so far for sales. There is still over a week left and profits have already surpassed October (and so far, October has been my best month yet!). Granted, my profits are relatively small, but I do really enjoy selling vintage toys and kids books online. I'm glad I can make a little money from it. My Etsy shop is a bit over 8 months old now and I just started listing things on Ebay.

Here are the items that sold over this last weekend on Etsy:
It was awesome to sell the Yum Yums Lucky Lemon Lion. I knew that he was a good find the moment I saw it! He wasn't even in my shop very long. I was also glad to sell a few things that have been in the shop long enough to be renewed once (i.e. longer than four months): the Wheedle on the Needle book, the Count Number Parade book, and the ceramic skunks.

So far, my attempts at selling things on Ebay seem to be going fairly well. I listed about 50 items during a free listing promotion and the following items received bids:
Only half of these items have been paid for so far. The percentage of items sold relative to what I listed is quite small. I'm not sure if I will stick with it or not, but these were items I couldn't list on Etsy (not vintage), and haven't been selling well on the My Little Pony forums I frequent. It might be worth it to just keep listing the items to see if I can move more inventory a little bit at a time. Although... it was probably worth the experiment just because one of the Littlest Pet Shop dogs I had was apparently very desirable - the Collie. I have no idea why. I had him up for sale on the pony boards for $1.25 for the longest time and he wasn't sold. I put him up on Ebay and he sold for $24.50. Crazy! Thankfully, that was one item that was paid for right away. So off he goes into the mail!

Now I had better start packaging up the items that have sold so I can mail them out asap. I have been taking quite a few packages to the post office this month - sometimes a big stack of packages!
And on another day:
The worst part about selling things online is packaging them. lol. Oh well, it's all part of the process!


  1. Ive noticed some of your packages have the dc ticket from the post office. Have you ever thought about printing labels at home? It is easy, fast and your mailman can pick them up right from your house. plus delivery confirmation is free on priority and only .19 on first class, media and parcel post

  2. Hi there :) Thanks for the comment! I have thought about it, but I haven't looked into it yet. I thought maybe there would be some cost associated with signing up for the service, or I would need to buy a good scale or software to weigh the packages and input that data. I also thought the labels would be too big for a lot of my smaller packages - or the cost of the paper and printer ink would add up quickly. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with how I do things though and think up too many 'what ifs'...