Monday, October 31, 2011

Garage Sales in Hibernation for the Year

Lately it seems like garage sales have gone into hibernation for the year (at least in my town) and I haven't been thrifting much of late either. I just have too much stuff and Christmas is fast approaching so my time is better spent listing things in my shop rather than being out and buying more. The searching & buying is probably the best part though! Although it is a small thrill to see that something has sold and will go to someone who will enjoy it. :) 

Since I haven't really done any thrifting to report on this week, I'll do some catch-up reporting. There was a week I haven't talked about yet (one of those weeks where I didn't have a computer). I believe this was weekend of the 8th/9th of October. All my finds this time were from garage sales! I love going to garage sales - usually the prices are way better than the thrift stores. At three different garage sales I found the following items: 
The Pound Puppies, dinosaur hat/sweatshirt pattern, vintage valentines and Fisher Price popper car came from one garage sale, the two California Raisins from another and the rest came from last sale. I will probably be keeping the two games as the Rivers, Roads and Rails is a family favorite (with my parents and sisters) and the Enchanted Forest I tried out with my family the last time we visited and it was a super fun game (and it had all the pieces)! 

I do love these old Fisher Price Happy Apples - the chiming sound is just so nice!

If you're interested in hearing about what others have found on their recent thrifting adventures, please check out ApronThriftGirl's Thrift Share Monday!

Happy Halloween!!


  1. NICE toy finds. I see those apples everywhere on blogs but have never been lucky enough to find one of my own!

  2. oooh I spot a Little People fisher price toy!!

  3. Thanks Van & SixBalloons! :) That's the first Happy Apple I've ever found - and I've already sold it and mailed it off. lol It was fun to amuse the cat with for awhile though. I definitely think the Little People toys were a good find too. :)