Monday, October 24, 2011

Epic Minnesota Thrifting

Two weeks ago (wow, time flies!) I went and visited family in Minnesota for nearly a week. While they were working during the day I went out thrifting. On one of the trips my sister also went out with me (fun! I usually thrift alone). I ended up bringing home a whole box of fun things... but most things are better left where they are. These are some things I left behind:
A scary troll book! Yipe!
This super Batman and Jesus combo pack
A Moo-tant Cabbage Patch doll!  Babies shouldn't have hooves. Run away!!
But I did find quite a few good things worth buying:
I tried to cut back on the books I brought home (really I put back a whole bunch!) but I still couldn't resist all the Serendipity books. They are fairly good sellers in my Etsy shop (they are so darn cute) so I guess it isn't so bad. I have to work like mad to get all the listings up in my shop before Christmas rolls around though! I think the best find of this bunch was the Yum Yum Lemon Lion! They are hard to find and fetch a good price (plus they are adorable and fun to just have around). I also brought home some newer My Little Ponies (the only old one in this photo is Firefly) - I have a hard time just leaving the little buggers. I have probably left around 20 new ponies at thrift stores in the last couple weeks. They are everywhere.

Anyway, I also went to a neat antique mall in Redwing Minnesota, but I think I will wait to post pictures from there until a later day this week. (I didn't buy anything, just looked around!)

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If you like looking at fun vintage toys and books, please also check out my Etsy shop! Lots of the items from  my thrifting adventures eventually make their way to the shop after I spruce them up, take nice photos and research each item (my favorite part!): Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy