Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Little Pony: Unlisted Inventory

I have been working on organizing the inventory for my Etsy shop. I have really been focusing on selling all my non-My Little Pony inventory, so the ponies that I've been picking up at thrift stores or through some eBay purchases (probably from around January or February) have been piling up in boxes. I pulled them all out to see what I have - there were more than I expected!
I will eventually get around to cleaning them up and listing them, but I really have to be in the right mood to clean ponies. I suppose I could list some of them as-is, but I take a lot of pride in cleaning a pony up to its greatest potential (without doing any restorative paint work and the like). It just takes a lot of time and effort. I always like the end result though. I'll have to take some before-and-after photos of individual ponies for the blog (let's see if I remember...).

Here are some more close-up photos:

Looking through and organizing all my inventory has been a bit exhausting. I probably have too much stuff - but I LOVE going out, searching for and bringing home new treasures. I'll just have to keep on working at putting up listings & selling things so I can bring more things home lol.

Here is one pony all cleaned up and ready to go!
Banana Surprise at ManateesToyBox on Etsy

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