Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cold Snap! Garage Sales

We had quite a cold snap here! All of a sudden it felt like fall, and this weekend was quite a chilly one for garage sales. I'm worried this week or next week might be the last of the garage sales for the season. I'll have to spend the winter shopping at thrift stores until it warms up again I think.

I didn't find many 80s treasures this week, but I did come home with a few unpainted mini Care Bear ceramics (Care Bear ghosts??) and a cute Smokey the Bear Little Golden Book printed in the 80s (story from the 50s). The illustrations are by Richard Scarry! I love his early work.

Beyond that I picked up some pretty things that caught my eye - a ceramic cat with a super long neck (giraffe cat hybrid?), two retro fire king mugs I thought were fun, some playing cards with awesome art, and two pretty aqua blue ball jars.
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  1. do vintage playing cards sell? There are alot of them at my thrift but I do not know if they are complete sets

  2. I have sold two other sets of vintage playing cards - a set of round souvenir cards from Florida (with an orange slice print), and a double set with parrots. I priced them fairly low and they were complete with all their cards. I just picked these up because I loved the cool art! :)