Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Puzzles: Jenny and Susanna

I picked up two vintage puzzles on Tuesday, but I didn't know much about them. They have a late 70's/early 80's feel to them - from the colors used and the look of the children (sort of Strawberry Shortcake-Holly Hobbie).

The box indicates that they are made by Jaymar, with designs from Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Inc. One was labeled as "Jenny" and the other as "Susanna." When I got home I looked up Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Inc. and found that the company was acquired by American Greetings in 1985, so at the very least they are pre 1985.

The "Jenny" puzzle features a little girl peeling apples in the kitchen. There are lots of cute vintage details in the picture! All the pieces are accounted for and I had a fun time putting it together! Haha. I was pretty annoyed in the store though - when I first looked at the box I thought it said that there were 100 pieces. I counted out the pieces and there were more than 100! Were there extras? No... the box actually said that there are OVER 100 pieces. Why wouldn't they just put the exact count on the box? Lame. So I couldn't really check and see if all the pieces were there or not unless I sat down on the floor and put it together... which I suppose I could have done, but I was on a tight schedule. Anyway, the artist is listed as Arlene Noel.

The "Susanna" puzzle has three little kids roller skating and a puppy running along at their heels. This puzzle is unfortunately missing five pieces (doh!). It is still pretty cute. The artist of this image is Susanna Wood.
If anyone knows anything else about these characters please leave a comment! Thanks!

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