Friday, March 25, 2011

The many things that piqued my interest last weekend

Last weekend I picked up quite a few things at an estate sale (Friday) and some garage sales (Saturday). I spent about $10 each day, so it was relatively cheap entertainment. I'm pretty sure I paid too much for what I bought on Friday. It was the 2nd estate sale I'd ever been to so I think just the name "estate sale" swayed me to pay more than I would have at another sale.

The above items are what I bought at the estate sale. I went because I saw some pictures of Fisher Price toys... but they wanted more for them than I was willing to pay. I did however get very lucky and found a bunch of vintage My Little Pony baby accessories (+ 1 Lady Lovely Locks comb) in a little baggy for $1! Wow! (It was labeled as a "miniature nursery" which I thought was really cute.) I probably should have just bought that and left the rest! I picked up the sheets and the table cloth because I enjoyed the prints, and the resin trivet because it brought back some memories. The table cloth however has some foxing/discoloration along some of the main creases which I neglected to see at the sale. Doh! That will teach me to be a better/more savvy shopper!

 The next day I went to a variety of garage sales - I marked some down from Craigslist, but the two that I was most excited about (and arrived at promptly) were duds. There were a few 80s kids things to be found (the Lady Lovely Locks book and the Care Bear items), a couple 90s toys (an empty Polly Pocket set, a worn Kitty Kitty Kitten and a Sky Dancer). The Sky Dancer was actually the first thing I bought - by the time I found her I had already visited a bunch of sales with no luck and was ready to throw in the towel for the day. I picked her up for 20 cents with a renewed treasure hunting sparkle! Also when I got home, I could not resist launching her in my apartment and watching her whirl around the room! Haha!

There were lots of other interesting finds, but I think I'll have to leave them for more focused posts. The European post cards from the 60s and the European guide books from the 50s (purchased at separate sales) are really interesting, and I love the art in the nature calendar and the bird book. I took quite a few pictures, so I'll feature them in future posts.

I also went out today (it is Friday yet again) and had more great luck! I can't wait to share what I found!

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