Monday, March 14, 2011

First Garage Sale Weekend of the Spring

It's that time of year again! The weather was beautiful too - blue skies, the grass has grown in bright and green, and the trees and daffodils are in bloom. I only went to two garage sales and both were very close by. One I looked up online and saw that it advertised an 80's Barbie house. I'm not interested in Barbies, but it was a good sign that the sale could have other things from the 80s. The other sale I stopped at because I saw signs for it on my way to my favorite thrift store. There weren't many sales going on despite the awesome weather, strange!

Anyway, I was pretty lucky at all my stops! At the first garage sale there was a huge tarp spread out with stuffed animals, most of which were really raggy or damp feeling (yikes!), but I did manage to find two nice (and dry) Pound Puppies. The larger one still had its original collar on. I also dug out a Strawberry Shortcake  pet (hopsalot bunny) out of a box of more recent boy toys. There was a Sesame Street Apartment playset in poor condition that I walked past a few times, and finally asked about after I paid for the other toys. They only wanted $0.25 for it, so I took it home too.

Next I stopped at my favorite thrift store and found a Glo Friend Baby in nice condition. I was surprised to see that it was marked down already because I couldn't remember seeing it earlier in the week when I had last visited.

My final stop was another garage sale. As I stepped into the garage another shopper about my age was laughing and commenting about this piece - "It looks like it should be a Christmas scene, you know, Shepherds out with their flock by night, but then you notice the shepherd..."
We had a good laugh and I took a picture:

They wanted $25.00 for it. (Really?) Perhaps it was supposed to be some kind of modern art. Anyway, the sale led me through the back door of the garage into the back yard and into another work shed (wow! it was a huge sale!). I wish I knew more about stuff from the 60s and 70s because there was a ton of stuff from that era. Nothing from the 80s, but it was still really fun to poke around in. I picked up two retro banks that my aunts collects (she was pretty excited when I called her later that afternoon), a cute wooden owl figure, and a few books.

Overall a fun time with lots of treasures!

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