Monday, February 28, 2011

And it rained and rained... the deluge!

Ah... the title is in reference to the trickle of thrifting luck I'd had for a while, and then BAM! Terrific downpour! (And makes reference to a now extinct Disney World attraction... I digress) Woo! I stopped at my 2nd favorite thrift store on the 18th of Feb and found some Peppermint Rose gift wrap, some folders with vintage character designs, and a Flutterby book (sweet!). These finds alone would have been awesome for me. But it wasn't over yet. Mwahaha

I headed to my favorite thrift store, looked casually through the little baggies of toys, found nothing and glanced over at the stuffed animal rack. A sprite smiled his little squiggly smile at me. Very pleased with myself I snatched him off the rack and found... another sprite right behind him. AWESOME! But wait... there was still more! I kept pulling sprites and Color Kid dolls off the rack as fast as I could until my arms were full. Then, I had a small panic... what should I do now? There were still more... but I couldn't carry them. Should I go all the way to the front of the store and risk someone picking up the rest of the dolls??  I decided I couldn't just stand there and snarl at people to leave "my" stuff alone. I rushed to get a basket, dropped my armful of goodies in it and ran back with it to the toy section. With glee I proceeded to fill the rest of the basket with dolls, sprites, puppy brite, AND kitty brite. I also noticed two small pink booties floating around and decided they matched the pink doll enough, so I put them on her. (I was later very pleased with myself for doing this because the boots actually do go to the doll - Tickled Pink. I learned this when I did some research at home!)

Hooting and hollering commenced upon driving away in my car. I can't remember the last time I felt so HAPPY, so utterly GLEEFUL. It was awesome. It was definitely the most luck I have EVER had at a thrift store.


  1. OMG! What an incredible find. I can't believe you found the entire collection just sitting there all in one thrift store! I love when I find Rainbow Brite at the thrift!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a find!! I still have my green Sprite, Patty O'Green and mini Rainbow Brite dolls from when I was little. I would love to run into all those at a thrift store!

  3. It was amazing! I had the same sprite as a child - the green Lucky sprite! :)