Friday, February 11, 2011

G3.5 My Little Pony vs. Model Horses

Thrifting has been pretty slow lately. I've seen quite a few neat old toys, but not much of the type I focus on. There were a couple of barn sets which my sisters and I had as kids, some old Fisher Price toys, and some ponyville buildings. If I had more space to keep things I might have picked them up, but I figured someone else would enjoy them more.

Yesterday I picked up a G3.5 styling Pinkie Pie. I just can't get over how big the heads are on these! I also bought two model foals - I don't know much about them other than they are from a line called Blue Ribbon Ranch. Perhaps a Breyer wanna-be line? Anyway, I think together the Pinkie Pie & foals are a funny combo. MLP has gone so far from "pony" - they're definitely far-fetched caricatures. XD

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