Saturday, January 29, 2011

Successful Thrifting!

I stopped at my favorite thrift store today, and man was it busy! I don't usually stop in on Saturday, but I had just done a ton of laundry and cleaning, and wanted to get out of the house. The first thing I noticed was that all the trolls were gone - a few days ago there was an EXPLOSION of trolls. There were hundreds of them, like someone dumped their whole collection at once. Tiny trolls, baby trolls, robot trolls, monster trolls, big dolls, name it. Today they were basically gone. Maybe they'll turn up on ebay? Or maybe they ended up with another troll collector, who knows!

Anyway, I saw a fake G3 pony (one of those glittery/sparkly ones), picked it up and put it back. I left with a Care Bear book and a sweet book on the House on the Rock (not pictured) - if you haven't heard of it,  Google it. Architecturally it is really cool - but it you are a collector of anything, you will be in awe of this dude's collection of stuff. The house is more of an odd tacky museum now, full of dolls, armor, a carousel, instruments that play themselves, a giant whale statue - it is pretty strange.

After I picked up the books I decided to go to another store where I really haven't had much luck yet, and for the first time, I found a couple of toys there! I've picked up a book or two so far, so I was excited! I discovered a Puppy Surprise mom in very good shape, and a big Yellow Canary doll. Sweet! I dug through the rest of the plush hoping for more, but that's all I could find. I was pretty happy about it. ^^

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