Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Sewing Patterns at the Laundromat

Today I'm not blogging about kids toys or books - a little divergence for the day. I love vintage sewing patterns. They have great graphics and they are flat and light which makes them easy to mail. I really don't know anything about fashion, and very little about sewing, but these little vintage pieces are fun glimpses into the past. I enjoy going through them with my mom since she loves to sew and a lot of the patterns I pick up are from the 60s & 70s so she'll have commentary on certain looks, or remembers some patterns that she had herself.

For each pattern I go through all the pieces and make sure that they are accounted for. I make myself a little check-list and make notes along the way to make sure the instructions are still included, note if the pattern is complete, cut or uncut, still factory folded, the date & pattern number.

Since I moved last month I've had to start going to a laundromat since there are no onsite laundry facilities. So I take a batch of patterns with me and my clipboard to the laundromat. I work on checking through them while I wait for the laundry. It's actually pretty relaxing.

The little town I live in has a laundromat which has some pros and cons. Usually there is no one there which is nice, but the reason they aren't there is because there is no air conditioning and only about half of the machines actually work lol. The change machine and bathroom are also out of order and the snack/drink machine has probably been empty for five years. I imagine eventually all of the machines will stop working and no one will ever fix them.

The town looks like a ghost town on Sundays...
It's a pretty big change from living in Memphis. I actually like this little tiny town a lot though.

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