Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Arts Festival

Last weekend there was an art festival in town. I was amazed with how big it was! I really wasn't expecting there to be so many booths and so many people. There were clear blue skies that day (not much rain lately at all really) and it was pretty hot in the sun. Lots of people + heat = blah. If it had been a little cooler I think it would have been really enjoyable.

The festival had more than just art - there were antique booths, some historical type groups, and of course food booths. I would have liked perusing through the antique booths to see if there was anything of interest, but there wasn't any room to move the aisles of stuff were so narrow there was hardly enough room for one person to move through. I gave up rather quickly.
Many of the art tents were set up along the street which was great because at least there was space for people to move. I enjoyed looking at some wildlife art and other paintings. I saw a lot of people carrying around crazy lawn art. I didn't take any close up photos of booths because a lot of them had 'no photography' signs, which I suppose I can understand.
The park was a good venue for the festival - it was great to have lots of shade from the trees and there were sweet smelling flowers too. It's just a nice park - I come here lots of time on my lunch break and have a picnic lunch. Usually there are hardly any people at the park, so it was interesting to see it so packed full of people for the art festival!

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