Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kitty at My Foot and I Wanna Touch It

Had some pretty nice weather out today with plenty of sunshine for taking photos. I don't get very good light inside and have never bothered to make myself a light box, so I just wait for nice days to take pictures of my treasures to sell.

So I brought out my poster board, and a bucket of toys and things. After taking pictures of a few things, I find I have attracted a visitor:
Oh - hello there kitty. You seem friendly (not my cat). He was content to sit by the bucket of toys for about two minutes.
After that he discovered it was fun to play under the poster board while I took photos.  'Hey kitty, trying to work here!'
Sneaking under the poster board to pounce on me:
Eventually he came out from under there (as I continued to try and photograph my items)... but then proceeded to walk around on top of the poster board.
Yes, yes... you're very cute and friendly, and obviously need some attention.  Did I mention I was trying to work here?? I pet him and played with him a bit, but that of course encouraged him. Eventually the play got a little too rough - as in claws through the jeans and play-biting. No kitty! No! Reminded me of a song my husband likes: "Kitty at My Foot and I Wanna Touch It" by the Presidents of the USA.
I gave up taking the photos of the rest of the items. My little kitty visitor was pretty fun while it lasted though.

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