Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Toy & Book Resale Success with Etsy

I have been really pleased with the amount of items that have sold in my Etsy shop since around Thanksgiving. I have really enjoyed the process too! I haven't been out thrifting very much at all because I know I have too much inventory on hand... and it is in my best interest to spend time listing it rather than go shopping for more. Even if discovering and buying the things is still the best part, the selling and shipping the items is very rewarding too. It confirms that what I picked up is worth something to somebody!

I wasn't able to gather up the items I have sold recently into a pile since I have been shipping things regularly, so I made a collage of the items that have sold recently (November 21-December 6) on Etsy.

I'm guessing and hoping that a lot of these will be given as Christmas presents. :) Just the idea of reconnecting people with wonderful things from their childhood makes me happy! All the sales also make me feel pretty good about Manatee's Toy Box as a small business. I feel successful, but still hopeful for growth!

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