Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catch Up Thrifting Report from July

Back at the end of July, when I was busy packing up things in my apartment to move and finishing up paperwork for graduation, I still found a little time to go out thrifting and to some garage sales. On one morning I was happy to come home with quite a few fun things!
The baby Popple and Fashion Star Filly came from one sale. I was so pleased to find the Popple (even if she was very dirty) - she is so cute! I was very glad to find that she cleaned up easily, I was afraid some things would be permanent. The Betsey Clark bridge set of cards came from a church rummage sale that was at the very end of its run and offering everything half off. I wasn't sure if I would be able to sell them or not, but I listed them and they have already been mailed out to their new owner in Australia!
I thought this Keys of Learning toy was also very interesting. It sparked a memory for me - I am pretty sure that one of the dentist offices I went to as a little kid had one. It is recommended for ages 2-7, but it seems like a pretty complicated toy for a 2-year old! Perhaps kids are smarter than I think they are. All of the blocks start off in a little slot and to remove them you have to put the right color/shape key in the hole to lift the block out of the slot. Next the block goes in the center where you put them all together into a puzzle. Definitely an interesting toy!

If you like looking at vintage toys & books, please check out my Etsy shop! From this group of items that I picked up back in July - The Keys of Learning toy and the Fashion Star Filly are up for sale right now. Thanks as always!
Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy
Keys of Learning toy at Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy
Ariel Fashion Star Filly at Manatee's Toy Box on Etsy

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