Monday, May 2, 2011

Mary Poppins & Barbie at the estate sale

This week I tried to cut back a lot on my thrifting/garage sale adventures. Unfortunately my apartment is very small and I do not have a lot of storage space for extra inventory. I am still working on promoting my Etsy shop so I get more traffic and more sales... so I can bring home more fun things. :) I do find a few things here and there that I become attached to and decide to keep - I have come across a couple of Gonga plushes that I can't bring myself to put up for sale.

With that said, I went to one estate sale on Saturday. They had a whole room full of great old toys, books, and games. Quite a few things were out of my price range, but I did settle on a Mary Poppins Puzzle, an old "Wonderful World of Disney" magazine, and a box of Barbie things from 1989 & 1990 - totally rad! ;)

All of a sudden I have this fascination with Disney's Mary Poppins! I listen to some Disney World Podcasts and the host of one, the WDW Radio Show always seems to be bringing it up! So I have songs like "Let's go Fly a Kite" and "Step in Time" stuck in my head all the time. My husband and I even went out on Easter to fly a kite to satisfy this strange craving of mine. (I bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kite from the 1980s at a thrift store with this in mind only to find it was missing two important So we had to go to the dollar store and buy an Iron Man kite instead!

I digress. So, that was why I chose that particular puzzle out of a whole stack of tray puzzles.

Moving on! The box of Barbie items included a bunch of unopened clothing sets and two play-sets with the original boxes included. Not all of the little parts were included, but I was surprised how many of them were there! I thought the picnic set was pretty funny - all Barbie, Ken and Skipper brought to the picnic was orange pop, buns and a lot of meat! No potato chips, salad etc? Nope, and there is a limited amount of meat - only three hamburgers and four hot dogs apiece OK?! Seriously, these gluttons better bring some friends to their picnic.

In closing - the items I have been gathering at sales and thrift stores are slowly making their way to my Etsy Shop: ManateesToyBox on Etsy!
I try to add something new to the shop every day!

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  1. I remember playing with my Barbie dolls and ALL their accessories. These finds brought back memories. I also love the puzzle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad I could bring back some memories! :D