Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 4 of the February Listing Challenge

My goal was to list (or have listings drafted) for at least 75% of my unlisted inventory and sell 25% of all my inventory before shopping again. I wasn't able to get all of those things listed in the month of February, but I have made a lot of headway and only purchased 3 items this month (and already sold one of those three items). I say that is pretty successful!

Here are my final numbers for the month:

Items listed/drafted:
Week 1: 42
Week 2: 38
Week 3: 8
Week 4: 46 (45 pictured below)
Grand total for Feb: 134 new items listed in (or drafted for) my shop!

Week 1: 14 items sold
Week 2: 2 items sold
Week 3: 17 items sold
Week 4: 16 items sold
Total sold on Etsy February 2012: 49!

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